Summertime in Florida provides a unique combination of sweltering heat and summer showers, but most days are spent making memories with friends and family. However, congestion, runny nose and blocked nasal passages can create obstacles for many as they soak up the sun. Although there are many at-home remedies such as nasal sprays, humidifiers and over-the-counter medication, they may only provide short-term relief. Relief is also available in the form of invasive and expensive surgeries – but what if there were other options to resolve the constant sneezing, running nose, and congestion?

Nasal obstruction can manifest as a simple “stuffy” or congested nose and while symptoms may not appear urgent, they could have long lasting effects like lower energy levels and lesser quality of sleep. Nasal obstruction occurs when air can not properly enter the nasal cavities, due to a nasal valve that is too narrow or blocked by cartilage. A non-invasive one-hour solution, called the VivAer® Procedure, can provide long-lasting relief to those suffering from congestion. The procedure can be completed in a doctor’s office and requires no incisions. Throughout the VivAer® Procedure, the nasal valve is lightly reshaped to allow for better air flow through the nasal valve. With no incisions required, individuals experience little to no pain, and are able to immediately return to their normal routine.

Along with nasal obstruction, many adults and children may experience chronic rhinitis. In the United States alone, more than 60 million people have been diagnosed with or have experienced symptoms of rhinitis. Some of the most common symptoms include runny nose, post-nasal drip and sneezing. While many at-home remedies provide short-term relief, a newer procedure called RhinAer® is able to fix the issue long-term. This procedure targets the nerves involved in producing the fluid that drains from the nose. Similar to VivAer®, there is no incision required and it can be completed in your doctor’s office. The RhinAer® Procedure has shown a 96% success rate in reducing the symptoms associated with rhinitis.

Don’t let your nasal and sinus symptoms get in the way of your plans this summer. Find out if VivAer® or RhinAer® are right for you by filling out the questionnaire on Florida E.N.T. & Allergy’s website, or by speaking with your ENT physician. These procedures are covered by most insurance plans, helping to avoid those costly surgeries and multiple trips to the pharmacy.

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