Now more than ever, people are talking on the phone, video conferencing, and participating in virtual meetings – which makes it the perfect time to check-in on your hearing and speech health. Celebrated each May, Better Hearing & Speech month provides us an opportunity to raise awareness about communication disorders and the role hearing and speech play in our everyday lives.

Globally, 1.5 billion people live with some degree of hearing loss, out of which 430 million require rehabilitation services. Research has found that certain health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and meningitis can be linked to hearing loss. Additionally, individuals who smoke are at a 70 percent higher risk of experiencing hearing loss than non-smokers. Early detection is key, which is why the physicians often recommend patients with hearing complications receive a baseline hearing test.

At the Florida Center for Hearing Heath, a division of Florida E.N.T. & Allergy, audiologists work in conjunction with ENT physicians to prevent, identify and manage the potential causes and treatment options for hearing loss. One benefit of having a physician – audiologist partnership is that they are able to provide patients with the utmost confidence that they have the knowledge and experience to address their concerns.

In addition to hearing loss, communication disorders like speaking and understanding often times compromise physical and emotional health. With approximately 7.5 million people in the United States experiencing vocal issues, it’s important to seek professional help when symptoms persist. If you are experiencing consistent hoarseness, chronic cough, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, or problems with voice projection, you may benefit from seeing a laryngologist or speech language pathologist.

Providers at The Florida Center for Voice & Swallowing, another extension of Florida E.N.T. & Allergy, have certifications of clinical competence in speech-pathology through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and are trained to diagnose and treat underlying causes.

“Hearing and speech health is our priority every day, but we encourage our patients and fellow practitioners to use this month as a reminder to take note of any symptoms they may be experiencing.” says fellowship-trained Laryngologist Daniel A. Vincent, Jr., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Thanks to technology, we have the capability to easily communicate anytime, anywhere. However, meetings or calls with friends and family tend to be more difficult for those with hearing and/or speech disorders. With the help of hearing and speech specialists, you can get back to communicating to the best of your abilities.

The physicians of Florida E.N.T. & Allergy have served the Tampa Bay community for over 45 years. Our board certified physicians and doctors of audiology have completed extensive education and clinical training as well as specialized training in their area(s) of expertise. From pediatric allergies to fitting hearing aids, our caring and experienced providers specialize in ear, nose and throat care for the entire family using comprehensive, cutting edge technologies.