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Recently, allergists have been warning their patients about the allergy season that lays ahead of them. This 2018 allergy season is predicted to be longer and more severe than allergies seasons in the past. However, this intense allergy season isn’t just limited to the United States, but across the globe.

Year Round Florida Allergies

Typically, allergy seasons will vary by the region and different weather patterns. For example, Florida is what you would call a ‘perennial pollen state’, where pollen spreads all year. Since Florida rarely experiences a winter that’s cold enough to deter the growth of plants and flowers, flowers have the ability to pollinate all year. However, even though flowers have the ability to pollinate all year in Florida, some months are more potent than others. In Florida, February through April tend to be the most severe months since trees pollinate in great volumes.

Pollen Is Mostly The Culprit

For those who are allergic to pollen, allergic reactions tend to occur as the pollen reaches the mucosal tissue of the nose, lungs, and eyes. Common allergic reaction symptoms from pollen include runny noses, sneezing, itchy eyes, watery eyes, itchy throat, and congestion.

Reducing Allergic Reactions to Pollen

Avoiding these symptoms can be difficult since pollen travel and get trapped just about anywhere. However, many allergists recommend leaving your car and home windows closed as often as possible, especially during the hours when the pollen count is high.

Additionally, installing a HEPA air filter into your AC can help to keep pollen out of your home but it’s crucial to clean and change out the filter as necessary.

According to Pollen.com, pollen counts tend to be the highest from 5 am and 10 am, especially when the weather is dry and windy. During this time, people with severe allergies to pollen should avoid being outside for extended periods of time. If you do find yourself outdoors during that time, it’s highly recommended that you change your clothes and wash your hair and body before going to bed that night. Or, if you have enough time, right after you come inside.

Additionally, our furry companions can carry pollen with them. Although it’s highly difficult to keep them inside for long periods of time, when they do go outside, make sure it’s short-lived. You may also want to plan for an extra bath or two that week, as well. Wiping them down with a wet washcloth can also help reduce unwanted pollen from entering your home.

Allergy Medicine Is Crucial

Even with these methods, your allergies are sure to flare up during pollen season, so be sure you’re stocked with your doctor-recommended allergy medicine. Typically, antihistamines, decongestants, nasal steroids, and eye drops can help soothe the symptoms of pollen allergies. However, for those who are severely allergic, you may want to consider investing in allergen immunotherapy, better known as allergy shots.

Tampa Allergy Testing &  Treatment Services

This allergy season is sure to be a tough one, and one you don’t want to enter into unprepared. Florida ENT and Allergy offers patients are variety allergy testing and treatment services to help you through the toughest of allergy seasons.